I am alone while darkness rises. Always alone. A silhouette in the dark, footsteps falling silently in a world no longer my own. There is no contrast between me and the night that has fallen. How could there be? We have been wed. We have become one, the darkness and I.

Separated from the world around me and from what was once, I feel the darkness as it descends upon me, becomes me, once again in the moonlit night. Everything declines while darkness rises. Nothing overcomes me – this must be life’s way. Welcome, Darkness, my old friend.


  1. Death does that to us but death does not have the last say…..there IS light….a loving Light waiting for us. We have to go through the darkness to get there. I know our sons have already traveled that darkness and are completely enveloped in eternal love and light.

    I am crying today because I miss my “Bran Man” so badly as I see his smiling face on my desk top…on my screen saver….all around me on the walls…..I miss him terribly but the darkness will not win today. I am more than a conqueror. Please hold on to hope and know your son is better than ever. Hugging you from afar. ~ Dale…Brandon’s Mom

    1. Dale, as always, thank you for your uplifting words. You always give me hope that Ben is in a better place and just waiting for me, bathed in light. I love Brandon’s nickname, “Bran Man.” Ben’s nickname always come to mind for me. My husband, son and grandson are all named Ben. I always called me son “Little Ben” even when he was much bigger than me. Little Ben…. Much peace to you! Sue…Little Ben’s Mom 🙂

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