I’ve always been the pull yourself up by your boot straps, look on the bright side, praying for strength and grace, and encouraging others kind of person. I love many, many people, including my wonderful husband, and I am blessed to have had immeasurable joy in my life. But my life equals my kids. My three kids, Ben, Nick and Gina. It’s been that way since Ben took his first breath. I am a mom to my core.

So, let’s take that half-empty, half-full glass adage we are always told to ponder. You could take my glass and continuously pour anything you wish into it. It could be warm and comforting, sweet and cooling, mellow or steaming, fizzy, fuzzy, intoxicating, etc. I could love, enjoy, appreciate and savor every last drop in my glass until I could drink no more. But no matter how much or what combination is put into it, my glass will always remain one-third empty. You could encourage me to keep filling it until it is sloshing over the sides. And I’ve promised myself that I will not drown in my sorrow. But fullness and emptiness can exist at the same time, can’t they? Just as joy and sorrow can co-exist in one’s heart and one’s mind?

It can never be full enough. The glass, my glass, will remain one-third empty. No matter how you pour it. It is now and always will be.



  1. 100% could not have said it better. I am grateful for the life I still have with my 2 living children but I will always have a empty spot when we are making new memories. I struggle with the guilt of that for them. But I will always have a sadness in my heart and hurt every waking day of my life. Prayers to you.

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